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A phone case revolutionalizing self-expression

Project Summary

MyCase is a phone case and app that can change case designs in an instant. Art creators can sell their case designs in the app marketplace while users can collect unlimited designs. Designs can animate and react to real time elements such as wind, time, location, and heart rate. Get ready for a phone case that can truly achieve self-expression.

Limited phone case customization was consistent with all competitors. What if there was a phone case that could allow users to customize their case designs however they wanted?

Static designs were consistent with all competitors. What if there was a phone case that could display dynamic and animated designs?

Many competitors had phone case collaborations with select artists and celebrities. What if all artists and regular users could design and sell their case designs in a marketplace?

The Solution

The MyCase Promotional Website

A brand revolutionalizing the game

  • MyCase is elevating self-expression to the next level by connecting fashion with technology.

  • The bold gothic typeface and energizing green appeal to young, fashion-forward individuals.

Collect case designs

  • Collect case designs to match any outfit or mood—making fashion and self-expression customizable with a click of a button.

  • Having one phone case that can display any design means less physical waste — an important value to young people in the 21st century.

  • MyCase is taking customization to new heights, allowing users to create case designs that react to real-time factors such as wind, location, and time — unique features for unique people.

Make your own designs

Other projects

The Design Challenge

In an era of technology & self-expression, how can we design an innovative phone case brand to revolutionalize the phone case accessory industry?

The vast majority of Americans – 97% – now own a cellphone of some kind, many of which use a case to protect their phones. Big phone case brands such as Casetify, Rhinoshield, and Wildflower entered the market in 2011-12 and it's time the industry meets a new contender. Through analyzing these major phone case brands, we turned their pain points into opportunities to disrupt the phone case accessory industry: 



UI/UX Design






Solo mission

Final Deliverables

App prototype & promo website

Find the perfect phone case

  • Users can easily explore a marketplace full of dynamic & animated case designs whether it be from their favourite artists or brands.

  • A platform that supports artists — creating a new avenue for artists to sell their work.

  • The 'explore' interface visually resembles Instagram, a popular app amongst fashion-forward users, to give consumers a sense of familiarity — encouraging them to download and explore case designs. 

A responsive phone case

  • This animated phone case appeals to young audiences who are looking for the next trendy accessory to elevate their outfit or mirror selfies.

The MyCase App

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