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A mobile app that helps parents and caregivers keep track of their family's vaccination records and progress.

The Challenge

How can we make the vaccination process from start to finish quick, convenient, and accessible to parents/caregivers? 

As immunization schedules are routinely updated, many of us find it difficult and troublesome to keep track of our own immunization progress. To deepen our understanding of the vaccination process and how parents and individuals interact with it, we conducted interviews and found these insights: 

Inconvenient Paper Tracking

Dependency on Doctors

Inaccessible Information

Difficulty Updating Records



UI/UX Design



Video Narrator


Figma, Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator


Anna Asgaraly 

Natasha Tang

Tommy Truong

Lynn Wangchen

The Solution

Introducing Immuno

Keep your family's vaccines up to date

  • Manage multiple profiles

  • View upcoming vaccines in the "Recommended" list

  • View completed vaccines in the "Completed" list

  • Update records by a scanner, image, or manual upload

  • Share vaccine records with family, institutions, government, etc.

Easily schedule your next appointment

  • Search for clinics based on the vaccine you need 

  • Schedule vaccine appointments

  • Get appointment reminders with the in-app calendar 

  • Filter calendar by user 

  • Export the Immuno calendar to your phone calendar

Stay Safe While Travelling

  • Find the vaccines you need for your travel destinations

  • Understand what the disease is, the symptoms, who's at risk, how it spreads, and prevention measures

  • Directly schedule an appointment or add to your "Recommended" list

How we did it.

Tap the button below to view our in-depth process book. We cover our proposal, research, prototyping, user testing, and style guidelines.

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